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Another World


I’m looking out my window

At a world that’s gone insane

I listen to the raindrops

They’re calling out my name

The sunrise floods the valley

It burns the rain away

Dispels last nights darkness

Gives life to another day


Another sunrise

I have to survive

Another world

And we all must pay


I’m looking out my window

Planning for today

But somehow something tells me

That things won’t go my way

If trouble seems to find me

I know just what to do

I’ll cast aside my problems

And blame them all on you

Don’t preach to me your theories

I’ve got my own ideas

Of how to live my own life

Off your money and your peers

Cursed To Live


Ashes to ashes never again

I want to know how this began

We’re all here but know one knows

Where here is or who gave the go

Suffering with the legacy

Denying death it’s fatal plea


Sun goes down – darkness fills the land

Chains of life – takes us by the hand

Jaws of death – opens wide for me

Cursed to live – a harsh reality


A simple man with float along

Drifting flowing a helpless pawn

But some are strong and some will fight

Gather no moss reach new heights

Did you ask now you must

Leave this place dust to dust



Trapped behind an asshole

doing thirty five tonight

Then I seem to find myself

stuck at a traffic light

All these Goddamn hold ups

always stick me like a knife

It seems I could make money

on the story of my life


I step out of the shower

and I see there are no towels

And no more toilet paper

to relieve my aching bowels

All these fucking women

hold my balls inside a vice

God I should be selling

the story of my life


I open up the fridge

and I see there is no beer

I open up the cupboards

and I see that they are bare

I turn on the tv

and their showing shit tonight

Does this sound

like the story of your life



I should have known better

than to get in to this mess

A promise made to me

was a promise none the less

Now I’m dealing with the drama

A real fuck-o-rama full regrets

It started with a deal

that you had struck with me

Things here are very different

just you wait and see

I am not blowing smoke

Not telling you a joke follow me


It soon became apparent

what you said was just a scam

Call me every day

so I can hear you slam your friends

Got your knickers in a twist

Another on your list to be damned

Every little detail there’s

no stone left un-turned

Pot of shit is brewing

grab a ladle start to churn

Put kindle on the fire

Flames a little higher start to burn


Drama – that’s my middle name

Won’t you join me in my game

Drama – that’s the way to live

Suck you in just like a sieve

Drama – like a little queen

I just have to make a scene

Drama – now it has begun

Sit right back and watch the fun


At this point in the story

I really must admit

You’re not the only one

who acted like a tit

When you get together

Rumors start to fester like an itch


They say two heads are better

when both of them combined

But such is not the case

when dealing with your kind

Off each other do you feed

Drama is your need all the time


And so it came to be

a target I became

Wrapped up in the middle

of their fucking drama game

Listen to the chatter

It really doesn’t matter I’m to blame


I should have known better

than to get in to this mess

A promise made to me

was a promise none the less

Now I’m dealing with the drama

A real fuck-o-rama full regrets

The Rejected


Kids walking the street

Cause parents lose control

No one cares for them

Another lost soul

Children make homes

In the city streets

With trash and garbage bins

There is no dignity


Rejected society

Outcast by you and me



Wasted dollars spent

Wars and missile sites

While crack and heroin

Destroy another life

Education plans

Going straight to hell

Kids drop out of school

And end up in the jails


Look into your soul

Deep and you will see

A rejected member

In this society

Cast out the first stone

If you are without sin

The rejected laugh

When they close your lid

Well that’s America for ya

And Why


A question no answer

A speck in the palm of his hand

Death rebirth

Am I going to do this again


Do you understand

where we go in the end

All the stars that I see

is there one just like me

I want to know more did I live before

A great mystery what does it all mean


I’m just a dream of some supreme

Follow the plan up until the end

Your life span is pre-written

Who decides when I die…and why


A question of hope

For peace in my lifetime I pray

To whom what for

Will it come true if I try


Give me some salt to put in your wounds

If hell exists I’ll reserve you a room

You see I figure there is no solution

To taxes, death, war, and pollution

Will my soul live on

Or will it fade away

There are no answers

To explain today

The Caretaker


Walking by the moonlight

through the cemetery

Driven by his sickness

searches for a deadly lay

Knows just where to find one

for he buried it today

Desecration violation

he knows no other way


Hear the silence the dead call him closer

Voices in his head a corpse cries in lust

Open up the grave remains call to him

Forces him to defile souls turned to dust


Sickness – they talk fill his body

Madness – the voices never stop


Your life for the caretaker


Close the coffin rebury satisfaction

No more voices talking wuiet the earth

Plan tomorrow fresh victims empty plots

Need to be refilled the desires of the caretaker


Murder – new voices to fill his head

Killing – the lust will never stop


Stalk the city a hunter search for victims

Pick the moment to make the final strike

Hide in shadows unseen until it’s too late

Unsuspecting chosen prey for his needs


Hunter – fresh corpse for desecration

Unseen – he can never be stopped



Twilight twilight

Night has come and the sun dips in the sea

Darkness darkness

Shadows fall he’s come for you and me

Madman madman

Lock your doors don’t let him hear you scream


His evil red eyes piece the twilight

No one hears you scream tonight

This madman kills with all his might

Wicked condemned corrupt diseased


Hunger hunger

He feeds on children elders that are weak

Waiting waiting

Patiently he waits eagerly

Feeding killing

Your spilled blood is his favorite drink

Last Days Of Eternity

Boiling in the blood filled seas

Of sins created by man's disease

Sky splits open on judgement day

Death comes quick to your dismay

Time stands still in the back of your mind

Look back on life to what you left behind

Focus hard on what you see

In these last days of eternity

Last days of eternity

No chance for immortality

Satan waits to hear your plea

Seas of fire become reality

Looking toward a blackened sky

Blood red moon it burns your eyes

Hoofs of death they pierce your soul

Stricken down with one swift blow

Last days of eternity

Summoned by the unholy

Drowning in a burning sea

No sound when you try to scream

The dead break from the bonds of earth

To rise and live a sudden rebirth

Their earthly sins have welcomed pain

Link by link they've woven their chains



Suddenly I see I care

For the love I had and the times we shared

I sit and stare I need the past

I’m trapped in here and getting nowhere fast

We could start again and do it right

I’ll prove to you love can be tight

Have some hope give it a second chance

Search through your heart and take my hand


Suddenly I realize

That I’m the one who’s been victimized

A pawn moved across the table

I’m the fool and I’m disposable

I reached out to grasp a vision

Thought you were my hearts addiction

You’re the one who took my dreams away

Watch your back bitch I’ll make you pay


I’ll never know why you shut the door

Couldn’t we have talked some more

My feelings are torn because of you

But now I know just what I’ll do

I know tonight you’re on your back

Torpedo hits from another jack

So I’ve got to say in a word or two

Have a nice life bitch and fuck you

Tears Of Fate

Lyrics: Jeff Dennard


She walked along within the misty gloom

She did not expect such a sudden doom

She was only twelve went to visit a friend

But he lurked in silence her life was to end


Bright young girl passion red hair

Distrusted no one the world was unfair


He craved for the touch

of her silky young skin

Patiently waiting for his rage to begin

She’s his he knows it

he watched each night and day

Along with the others

for his evil mind to stray


Evil man eyes of cold fire

He’d take her soon for his own desire


Her eyes turned black

with such a sudden pain

She felt her heart dying

as her blood began to drain

He inflicted more hatred

to ensure his victim still

There’d be no more struggle

for his desire he must fulfill


Bright young girl passion red hair

Distrusted no one the world was unfair

Evil man eyes of cold fire

He’d take her soon for his own desire




There’s a blank look on your face

You stare off into space

What goes on in that mind


How did you get that job

Who did you have to knob

I guess we’ll never know



You’re clueless



You fail to mark a win

But still you sport a grin

You’re never gonna learn


It’s all part of the game

The rest of us are insane

Living in your world



Believing all you read

On media you feed

Blend into the crowd


They tell you what to think

You follow never blink

Clueless is your name

Stuck Up


Hey you walking the halls

Books in order you’re walking tall

Stop to talk you walk on by

You’re much too good to talk awhile

Hurry hurry you’re late for class

Must get up the teachers ass

Got your sweater to keep you warm

Should’ve broken the mold

before you were born


Hard times making friends

Tortured by your demands

Drive to school in daddy’s porche

Another boyfriend left on the porch

Hurry home to do your nails

Allowance check is in the mail

Why do people say I’m boring

Hard life don’t give us that story


Test scores got straight a’s

Same ole story different day

Raise your hand a squeaky wheel

Oiled by all the cocks you feel

Where ever you go you must be seen

Favorite color is envy green

Pass the blame for all your sins

Now you’re daddy’s little girl again


Lunch line budge ahead

Queens are first so bow your head

Credit card or on my tab

Give me lip and I’ll get my dad

But at the table she’s all alone

Friends peers they’re all gone

A hard lesson that bitch must learn

Friends can’t be bought

they must be earned


That’s right


Lyrics: Mark Liebelt

Sign of the times

The writings on the wall

Peace and love my flower child

Step inside we’ve got it all

Time is standing still

The brain has slowed its pace

Mother nature lives among us

Look close to see her face

Seven nights ago

You sampled nectar sweet

Felt her body close to you

But your soul was hers to keep

Daisy chains of love

Held you in her grasp

Till the horror of your past

Unveiled beneath her mask

Wipe the sweat away

Gather all your thoughts

Look inside your mirrored mind

Is your future borrowed or bought


Call it heaven or hell

The times you knew too well

Step inside your wildest dreams

And pray to God you’ll live to tell



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